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A Community of Miraculous Expectation

A Community of Miraculous Expectation

Sharing the Love of Jesus!


A Community of Miraculous Expectation

A Community of Miraculous Expectation

A Community of Miraculous Expectation

As a community of believers, we are called to serve God through love and faithful service.


All Are Welcome

A Community of Miraculous Expectation

All Are Welcome

"Come Have a Life Changing Experience."

                        Pastor Ted Niemi

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Thank You!!! Donations

Food Distribution


Services and Activities postponed until further notice.  Click on the "Find Out More" button to download the Worship Devotional for Sunday May 31, 2020.  We have Worship Bulletins for children available for download as well as music files.

Food Distribution

Thank You!!! Donations

Food Distribution


LHN FREE Neighborhood Market Will Be At Our Saviour's Lutheran Church (2101 N. Fruit Ave., 93705) on 6/6/20 from 

9AM - 11AM


The next Free Neighborhood Market location is at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church.  

Thank You!!! Donations

Thank You!!! Donations

Thank You!!! Donations


Thank you for all the donations of food, gift cards, and money to the food pantry.  We have been able to fully restock the cupboard.  We even had to find room above the shelves.  If you would still like to donate to the food pantry that would be wonderful! Gift cards to Save Mart, Smart & Final, or wherever you shop will also be accepted. 

Food can be dropped off in the office during the regular office hours of 9-1. You can leave them outside and just knock on the door, or you may go in and leave them on the counter.

God Bless!!!

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  • Praise and Celebration Worship Service: 9:00 AM
  • Adult Sunday School: 10:30 AM in the Community Center
  • Traditional Worship: 10:30 AM

Children's Church available at both services

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

5140 North Fruit Avenue, Fresno, California 93711, United States

(559) 225-2092

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Pastor's Note

A Word From Pastor Ted Niemi


Dear Friends,

I spent much of the past week calling each family in our church. (If you didn’t get a call we don’t have your phone number.) You can probably guess the number one question I was asked. It was, “So, when do you think we’ll be getting back to church?” I became very used to saying, “I wish I knew.”

There are some things I do know. Yesterday there were over 100 new cases of Covid-19 in Fresno County which is a new record. As places are opening up we are seeing further spread of the virus. 

I also know that just about all of us have had enough of quarantining. I know there have been fights over whether we should be wearing masks. On one side there are those who think this is all a farce. On the other are those who don’t understand how others could be so callous and uncaring as to not wear a mask. After making my calls to you this week I know there are those of you who are very opposed to wearing a mask. As someone who is immunocompromised I am among those who are more careful. With all of this brewing we are going to have to make sure we get back to church right.

The latest advice we have received from the Bishop is to wait to resume worship until the end of July. A few days ago, the Governor released guidelines churches have to meet before reopening. We have quite a bit of work to do to be ready for this. Our Council is going to meet June 18 to discuss how we will be ready to open in, it seems at the latest, near the end of July. This date is not set yet. We will set a date to resume worship, assuming things don’t radically change, at our Council meeting.

I think we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the quarantine from worship. For some of us this will be a time that is too early. Some of us think we should open immediately. We are following all of the guidance we have been given. 

I am well aware that there are those who feel like they know more than the experts. I am not that confident in myself. I am grateful for those smarter than I am who God has blessed my life with because they can help me make good choices. I take great comfort in the fact that as wonderful as I am God has made someone even smarter.

This is not an easy time for any of us. As people who have waited for their Savior to return for 2,000 years you think we’d have learned to be a little more patient. But the light at the end of the tunnel is growing closer. Have faith!

God’s Peace,

Pastor Ted


Worship Devotional

GSLC Worship Devotional -- May 31, 2020 (pdf)


Children's Bulletin May 31 Ages 3+ (pdf)


Children's Bulletin May 31 Ages 7+ (pdf)


Hallelujah (mp3)


Nothing But the Blood of Jesus (mp3)



Enjoy pictures of recent events and announcements of upcoming activities.  Be blessed by inspirational readings. 

6. June Newsletter (pdf)


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