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"A Time to Wine"  

We are a close-knit community and work together to raise funds for not only roof repairs, but all sorts of repairs which need to be carried out to maintain the church and community centers. The condition of one of our gathering center’s roof is so bad, we need to buy either umbrellas, buckets or shingles! Shingles would work very nicely don’t you think. 

The cost to replace the roof is estimated at $14,000.00. We plan on having the project completed over the summer months before our next rainy season. 

We are organizing a fundraising event to help raise funds to complete this project and hope that you could attend our “A Time to Wine” event and silent auction, April 18th, 2020.  Please check out the download of the flier for this event and consider attending this exciting event.


The GSLC Staff

A Time to Wine Flier PDF (pdf)